Dr. Chrystal D. Porter

Digital Education Infoprenuer<>Higher Education Dean

Professional Summary:

My name is Chrystal Denmark Porter and you are likely reading this because you are currently enrolled in one of my classes at Endicott College or Liberty University. Because I am going to ask a lot of you in the term, I think it is only fair you know a little bit about me and my previous experiences. 
Everything I try to do personally and professionally revolves around me assisting individuals with making more intentional decisions about learning, teaching, and decision making. As a result, I expect my students to be very specific about what it is they want, and how they are going to try to get it. The only way I can help you get what you want, is for you to tell me what it is you are trying to do.
For most of my life, I have tried to set specific goals, and not be limited by the status quo. As a result I have had the opportunity to:
-Play basketball against many of my favorite NBA players, while working as a ballgirl with the Denver Nuggets
-Appear on a variety of nationally televised program, including the TODAY Show, while serving as a member of the Young Americans Bank's Youth Advisory Board
-Work as a sales associate for the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche throughout my college career
-Understand the dynamics of collegiate sports marketing while working in the Ohio University Athletic Department
-Learn about sport sponsorship evaluation while working with The Bonham Group
-Earn 3 college degrees in 4 years, and 5 all together (3 of them related to Sport Management)
My goal for all my students is for you to decide to live your professional life right now! (Read about the Fall '08 Sport Enterprise Class). It might be a huge mistake to wait until graduation to start taking crucial steps towards your goals. I want you to use your time in Sport Management classes, and as an Endicott or Liberty student, to gain knowledge, develop skills, and build a professional network that will truly allow you to be successful in your professional endeavors. 

Work Experience:

Associate Vice President of the Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies
Endicott College
2016 - present

Associate Dean of the Graduate School
Endicott College
2012 - 2016
Assistant Dean of Sport Science/Chair of Sport Management
Endicott College
‣ SM 102 Applied Sport Management
‣ SM 302 Research Methods
‣ SM 335 Managerial Aspects of Sport
‣ SM 365 Sport Governance and Policy
‣ SM 450 Sport Venue Management
‣ CMM 115 Introduction to Social Media
Adjunct Online Sport Management Instructor
Liberty University
2011- present
Teach graduate courses in:
- Thesis Proposal and Defense
- Foundations of Sport Ministry
- Social Issues in Sport Management
- Management and Leadership in Sport Organizations
- Sport Marketing and Public Relations
- Sport Development and Sales


Capella University
Ph.D., Post-secondary & Adult Education
Florida State University
Ed.S., Physical Education (Sport Management)
Ohio University
M.S.A., Sports Administration & Facility Management
Ohio University
B.S., Sport Science &
B.S., Organizational Communication
Outstanding Graduating Senior
Cum Laude