Dr. Chrystal D. Porter

Digital Education Infoprenuer<>Higher Education Associate Vice President

Professional Summary:

My name is Chrystal Denmark Porter and you are likely reading this because you are currently enrolled in one of my classes at Endicott College or Liberty University. Because I am going to ask a lot of you in the term, I think it is only fair you know a little bit about me and my previous experiences. 
Everything I try to do personally and professionally revolves around me assisting individuals with making more intentional decisions about learning, teaching, and decision making. As a result, I expect my students to be very specific about what it is they want, and how they are going to try to get it. The only way I can help you get what you want, is for you to tell me what it is you are trying to do.
For most of my life, I have tried to set specific goals, and not be limited by the status quo. As a result I have had the opportunity to:
-Play basketball against many of my favorite NBA players, while working as a ballgirl with the Denver Nuggets
-Appear on a variety of nationally televised program, including the TODAY Show, while serving as a member of the Young Americans Bank's Youth Advisory Board
-Work as a sales associate for the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche throughout my college career
-Understand the dynamics of collegiate sports marketing while working in the Ohio University Athletic Department
-Learn about sport sponsorship evaluation while working with The Bonham Group
-Earn 3 college degrees in 4 years, and 5 all together (3 of them related to Sport Management)
My goal for all my students is for you to decide to live your professional life right now! (Read about the Fall '08 Sport Enterprise Class). It might be a huge mistake to wait until graduation to start taking crucial steps towards your goals. I want you to use your time in Sport Management classes, and as an Endicott or Liberty student, to gain knowledge, develop skills, and build a professional network that will truly allow you to be successful in your professional endeavors. 

Work Experience:

Areas of expertise
•Academic administration •Vision and leadership
•Team building
•Problem resolution
•Academic program prioritization
•Strategic planning and implementation
•Innovation and excellence in learning
•Staff development
Current Job Title
Associate Vice President,
Van Loan School of Professional Studies, Endicott College — 2016-Present
Former Job Titles
Associate Dean, Van Loan School of Professional Studies, Endicott College — 2013-2016
Assistant Dean, Van Loan School of Professional Studies, Endicott College — 2012-2013
•Provide strategic and operational leadership to the Van Loan School in academic affairs for over 80 academic programs including associate, bachelor, accelerated, teacher licensure, online, hybrid, international instructional sites, and doctoral programs.
•Supervisory role with the Director personnel of Marketing, Homeland Security, Interior Architecture, Athletic Administration, Graduate Assessment, the Assistant Director of Graduate Programs and E-Learning Developers.
•Assist program directors and deans in curriculum development, including helping with the develop of the program proposals required for the Curriculum Committee as well as proposals to external bodies, including state and accrediting agencies.
•Assist the Vice President and program directors with new graduate programs, especially in the first few years of operation.
•Assist program directors in program assessment and evaluation, including developing a process for program review, reviewing student evaluations as needed, and working with program directors to bring about needed changes in the curriculum.
•Assist the Vice President and program directors in the external reviews of programs, including reviewing self-studies, selecting external reviewers, and organizing site visits.
•Oversee the contact hours of courses and monitor out-of-classroom hours of accelerated courses.
•Initiate efforts for virtual student and faculty orientations and faculty development.
•Assist the Vice President in fostering appropriate connections with the day school deans, faculty and support offices.
•Carry out components of the College’s strategic plan as requested, especially in the areas of academic affairs and academic technology.
•Participate as either the chair or member of various college committees.

Assistant Dean of Sport Science &
Chair of Sport Management, Endicott College — 2008-2012
•Provided leadership and vision for the Sport Management, Athletic Training, and Physical Education academic majors, Exercise Science minor, and the coaching certification.
•Developed and implemented efforts to support curriculum development, internship coordination, and professional development of 260 sport management majors.
•Provided leadership in developing assessment tools, assessment activities, and collecting student learning outcomes for COSMA and NEASC accreditation bodies.
•Developed program competencies, mission, and guidelines for sport management majors.
•Coordinated semester class program schedules for the School of Sport Science.
•Initiated and maintained a robust alumni outreach communication program.
•Responsible for all the recruitment and hiring of full time sport management professionals as part-time adjunct professors.
•Routinely exceeded the required 2-2 teaching load.
•Collaborated with faculty and deans to introduce new courses into the undergraduate curriculum.

Assistant Director of Retention, Wiley College — 2007
•Administered the student success and retention program of the College.
•Coordinated student success strategies and plans with faculty, staff, and other departments.
•Encouraged students with counseling and advice.

Assistant Director of Graduate &
Continuing Education Admission, North Central College — 2004-2005
•Evaluated applications for admissions.
•Recruited prospective students by attending local and state college fairs.
•Developed and arranged the production of recruitment material.

Assistant Director of Freshmen Admission, North Central College — 2003-2004
Former Job Title
Freshmen Admission Counselor, North Central College — 2002-2003
•Corresponded with 250-300 applicants about the admission process and their financial aid results.
•Restructured e-recruitment efforts by creating an electronic newsletter, identifying online open house models, and reformatting the online prospect inquiry forms.
•Synchronize faculty involvement for undergraduate recruitment events.
•Created an internal marketing campaign to increase admission brand awareness across the campus.
•Co-coordinated the April Illinois College Exposition (ICE Fair) attended by over 150 colleges and 30 area high schools.
Undergraduate Admission Counselor, Illinois Institute of Technology — 2001-2002
•Assigned admission decisions for freshmen and transfer applicants.
•Reorganized the teacher visit day program.
Associate Professor, Endicott College — 2016-present
Assistant Professor, Endicott College — 2008-2016
Adjunct Instructor, Liberty University — 2011-present
President/Educational Consultant, College Strategies — 2006-2008
Adjunct Instructor, North Central College — 2003-2005
Teaching Assistant, Florida State University — 2000-2001
Research Assistant, Florida State University — 1999-2001
Awards Intern, Women’s Sports Foundation — 1997
Sales Associate, Denver Nuggets/Colorado Avalanche — 1995
Sales Intern, Denvers Nuggets — 1993-1994
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Institute for Management and Leadership in Education — 2017
Capella University, Minneapolis, MN
Doctor of Philosophy in Education, Post-secondary & Adult Education — 2007
Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
Specialist in Education in Physical Education — 2001
Ohio University, Athens, OH
Masters in Sport Administration — 1997
Ohio University, Athens, OH
Bachelor of Science in Sport Science (Cum Laude) — 1996
Ohio University, Athens, OH
Bachelor of Science in Communication (Cum Laude) — 1996
•Porter, C.D. (2016). Social media and personal branding for public servants.
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•Denmark, C.D. (2000). Review of: Nike as a goddess: The history of women in sport. Women in Sport & Physical Activity Journal, 9(2).

Undergraduate Teaching Experience
•Applied Sport Management
•Research Methods
•Managerial Aspects of Sport
•Sport Governance and Policy
•Sport Venue Management
•Sport and the Media
•Principles of Sport Management
•Sport Marketing
•Sport and Society
•Sport Economics
•Sport Law
•Sport Facilities Management
•Introduction to Social Media
•Social Media Marketing
•Cultural Communication
Graduate Teaching Experience
•Technology Leadership in Higher Education
•Sport Marketing
•Social Issues in Sport Management
•Foundations in Sport Ministry
•Ethics in Sport
•Sport Development and Sales
•Management and Leadership in Sport Organizations
Service: Professional
•Accreditation Team Member, New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) — 2015-present
•Thesis Chair, Jonathan Cernek, Liberty University — 2016-present
•Thesis Chair, J’Von McKinney, Liberty University — 2016
•Thesis Chair, Drew Waters, Liberty University — 2016
•Thesis Chair, Tyler McBride, Liberty University — 2015-2016
•Thesis Chair, Nicole Dyre, Liberty University — 2016
•External Committee Member, Ronald Lupori, Liberty University — 2014-2015
•Thesis Chair, Lindsey Reid, Liberty University — 2012-2013
•External Committee Member, Brian Wylie, Lesley University — 2013
•External Dissertation Reader, Autumn Burton, Capella University — 2010
Service: Leadership
•Internal Communications Committee Member, Endicott College — 2017-present
•Provost Search Committee Member, Endicott College — 2017-present
•NEASC Steering Committee Member, Endicott College — 2015-2017
•Van Loan Curriculum Committee Chair, Endicott College — 2012-present
•Technology Committee Member (former chair), Endicott College — 2010-present
•Assessment Committee Member, Endicott College — 2012-present
•Institutional Review Board Member, Endicott College — 2013-present
•Advance Graduate Council, Chair, Endicott College — 2012-present
•Writing Task Force, Endicott College — 2010-2016
•Textbook Taskforce, Endicott College — 2012
•Chairs Council, Endicott College — 2011-2012
•Social Media Marketing Committee Member, Endicott College — 2010-2012
•Academic Integrity Committee Member, Endicott College — 2008-2012
•Thesis Conference Chair, Endicott College — 2009-2011
•Council for Accelerated Programs, Member, 2015-present
•Beverly Bank, Cooperator, 2011-present
•Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated, Member, 2017-present
•American Association of Blacks in Higher Education, Member, 2017-present
•African-American Women in Higher Education-New England, Member, 2017-present